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13.6.2019 14:07 vložil Dirtbill

A pension scheme http://xnxx.promo/ xhxx Acronyms abound (although I wonder how many of the users actually realise that): a whole generation can be summed up by the ‘word’ YOLO – You Only Live Once. It was coined on an NBC reality show, The Average Joe, in 2004 but exploded in usage after Hip Hop artist, Drake, posted a picture of himself looking romantically (or perhaps suicidally, it’s hard to tell) jumping off a balcony in 2011 to promote his new single, ‘The Motto’. Of course, YOLO quickly became a cover-all term to excuse self-serving, hedonistic, I-can-live-the-consequences-as-life-is-short behaviour. Basically, if you see your child type YOLO, they’re referring to something you’d probably have a ‘beef’ (problem) with. And if you knew about it, they’d feel ‘owned’ (embarrassed) because you’d consider their action ‘outers’ (out of order – unacceptable).


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